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Black 33 Rotogrun

The Black 33 resin is a HDPE developed for the rotomolding of black pieces.


  • High mechanical resistance applications;
  • Technical, agricultural, and automotive pieces;
  • Large volume water reservoirs

Technical specifications:

  • Smooth superficial and internal finishing;
  • Excellent processability;
  • Excellent balance between rigidity and resistance to impact;
  • Stabilization to heat and UV rays;


  • Weather stabilization with the addition of UV block and antioxidants

Resin Properties:

 Apparent Density  ASTM D 1895-96 0,420 g/cm3
 Apparent Viscosity ASTM D 1895-96 18 seconds
Melt flow index D 1238 4 g/10min
Density D 792 0,941 g/cm3
Impact resistance -40ºC
(Thickness 3.27mm)*
ARM 70 J

*Rotomolded plaque

The information contained herein is provided in good faith, indicating average values obtained in our labs, and it should not be considered as absolute or as warranty. Only the properties and the values that are on the certificate should be considered as product warranty.

Example of use

Download this Technical Data Sheet here: